Fastest Way To Farm Gold Wow

The best way to obtain WoW Gold is to use the best WoW Gold farming spots in the game. It’s been said that the best places to farm gold are in the maps that are the most popular and are therefore the easiest to get to. It’s true, the majority of the top places are on maps that are popular due to the fact they are heavily populated by players. But which ones are the best?


There are several areas in Northrend that are extremely easy to get to and are therefore highly popular among players. If you decide to go there, you have a choice between different kinds of miners. There are also a number of ores that may be harvested there. And if you are a crafter, then you can create some really nice items that can sell for a lot of gold. It’s among the best places to farm gold, and it’s also a place where you can meet several characters which may help you in your search to get gold.


Outland is Similar to the Northrend. However, it’s much more dangerous because it’s the home of the Black Dragon. He can fly around and come at you from everywhere. There are just a few spots here that are easy to get to, but they’re very populated so that it can take awhile to get a spot. If you’re a hunter or a mage, then this is the best place to level up quickly as you will be able to get many helpful items.

Outland, the Wetland

This is another area that’s popular with players. The water here is full of fish and other sea creatures. When you fish in the sea, you get gold. It’s an efficient way to find gold, and the quantity of gold you create will depend on how frequently you fish and on how powerful your character is.


This is the worst possible place for you to grind. You will have to fight constantly and you will never have the ability to get to the top level. You will however make a lot of gold performing jobs. There are numerous things to do in this area such as taking on the various monsters and other rare creatures. The best way to level up in this area is to use a grinding manual to accelerate the process.

Outland and the Azeroth

The best way to find WoW gold in this game is to use the auction house to sell the items that you do not need or want. This is a particularly good idea when the items you buy are not very high in value. You will produce more gold selling items which are in demand. Another terrific thing to do would be visit Azeroth and see how players of all levels are going to fight you over the respective regions.

Outland and the Eastern Plaguelands

These areas have some of the best grinding areas in the game. When in this part of the game you’ll be in for a fight against the various elite monsters. You may however make quick progress in this area by utilizing a Warcraft gold manual. It’s strongly recommended that you train for combat as well. The best way to farm in this region would be to train on the various professions such as herbalism, skinning and mining. The best way to level up here is also to use a grinding guide since it’s very hard to get the required components.

How to Level Your Gold World of Warcraft: There are several fast ways to get WoW gold but none of these are the quickest. If you want to make the most gold possible then you’ve got to be ready to spend a good deal of time grinding. Other great places to farm gold in this game include the Caverns of Direwood, Hellfire and the Barrens. The issue with these areas is the travel. It can take days just to get to the entrance and you’ll need all the gold you can get your hands on.