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1995    [Sc.  BCBY says 1971]
A Collectors Guide to French Military  Buttons  of the American Revolution 1775-1783   
Marian L. Hurley  c1998  73pp ill.
A Complete Classification of Clear & Colored  Glass  Buttons   Jane Ford Adams     NBS   
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About Buttons:  A Collectors Guide, 150 AD to the Present    Peggy Ann Osborne
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Charles Lynch? ISBN  1574322427
Backmark Codes for Transportation Buttons
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Black Glass Buttons. Nora Owen Jones & Edith M. Fuoss  Ypsilantii Uni.Lithoprinters     
Black Glass Buttons combined with Return Engagement of Black Glass Buttons       
Botan No Hon (buttons Book)  1999    Sc.abe
Bottoni      Bina Pagano   
Buttoni, Bottoni & Bottoni.     Vittoria Buzzaccarini    
Bottoni Militari Italiani  Carlo Sabatini & Eraldo Antonini   
Botones: Guia Del Coleccionista Para Seleccionar, Retaurary Disfrutar de Los Botones
Botones Espanoles de Uniforme   
British Buttons  Civilian Uniform Buttons,  19th & 20th Century    Denis G. Blair    
Greenlight       2001  
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www. ogosh buttons
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de Steigeuer Crummet
Button Guide Book No.2  A Price Guide  Mainly for  Buttons  Described in Other Books &
Collectible Types
Button Hand Book  
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Button Materials A-Z: Identification Guide.   Jocelyn Howell  160pp available From author
@ http://mysite.verizon.net/buttonjoss  $55 +pp
Buttons of the British Army 1855-1970      Howard Ripley. Arms & Armour  1971 1979,
1983   ISBN 085368569X (from my 83 Ed.) Comments: Uniform, well illustrated photo’s
errors in first edition corrected1979 on.   My 1st edition doesn't appear to have an ISBN   
(  falling to pieces is title page missing?)    SC BCBY   gives ISBN 0853680833  
Buttons of the Canadian Militia, Army, Naval & Air Forces, 1900-1990  including the
Canadian Expeditionary force & Newfoundland  Eric Smylie        
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Buttons  of the Indian Army
Vol I  cavalry     ISBN 0854200940
Vol II  bengal army infantry   ISBN 0854201599
Vol III Punjab Frontier force madras infantry hyderabad infantry    ISBN 0854201564
Vol IV  Bombay Army Infantry Gurkha infantry ISBN 0854201661
Vol V  Arms & Services ISBN 0854201769
Vol VI  Comprehensive Index 1-5 & Battle Honours 1922 amalgamations  ISBN
Vol VII    ISBN 0854201912                                                                           -Col N.W.Poulsonm   
Buttons  of the Irish Militia 1793-1881    J. McDonnell           1991
Buttons  of the Regular Army 1855-2000          Howard Ripley   
Buttons, the collectors guide to selecting, restoring & enjoying new & vintage Buttons  
1993 Nancy Fink & Maryalice Ditzler ISBN 3850764409  Apple Press  ISBN 1561382159
running press
Buttony - The Dorset Heritage.
Boutons        Theresa Gandouet Editions de L Amateur  199pp ill ISBN 2859170359    1984
Boutons   400pp ill col ISBN 202490919          2001
Calico Buttons     Wilfred B Morgan  1938 &1940         Available: ? BCBY
Carnival of Irridescent Luster Buttons    A. Ruth Miller Clark   1986     BCBY
Carnival of Irridescent Luster Buttons Book II Ruth Miller Clark  1986   BCBY  
Carnival of Irridescent Luster Buttons  Book III    Alan G Perry  1997      BCBY.
Centre Forezien d’Ethnologie –Etudes et Documents No. 9 La famille Alcock – 200 ans d’
histoire en Roannais  Joseph Alcock et Robert Bouiller   Pougnard  1985 Comments: 53
pages ill. 12 portraits &  2 plates showing manufacturers appears to combine three
papers: La Motte,la Seigneurie et le Chateau J Alcock  1899;  Notice sur la branche
francaise de la famille Alcock     J Alcock  1953; La fabrique de boutons Alcock a Roanne,
au XVIIIe siecle       Robert Boullier
Civil War Collector’s Guide to Alberts’ Button Book      Daniel J. Binder    ISBN
0887406912   1993                        
Classification of Black Glass  Buttons   Should this be a complete…?
Classifying & Judging Buttons   Hawley Crow   1944
Confederate & Union Buttons  of the Gulf Coast 1861-1865     Dan Jenkins  1983
Courage Coll Buttons  Nancy Fink & Maryalice Ditzler  ISBN 1561382159   Comments:  
this miss-entry was found on a book search and is included as a warning - don't forget I
may have made mistakes too - do tell...
Dating Buttons: a Chronology of Button Types, Makers, Retailers & Their Backmarks    
Warren K Tice 1st ltd edition 500 copies   2003    
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Barnau   1987   Sc. KSKS    my trans: Early Disc Buttons out of metal 14th-17th Centuries
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1981; 1984
From Nut to Buttons – A Closer Look at Vegetable ivory Pat & David Fields  2001     Sc.
Fire Insurance Company Buttons   Fergus Bain & Brian Wright    
Fleight in alle Lander und empfehlt uns!   Trox Eckhard   ISBN 3929614209  1996     Sc:
Fun Buttons: with price guide  Peggy Ann Osborne  143pp ill   ISBN 0887406912  1994
Geknopfte Heraldik Eine Einfuhrung in die Welt der Gilderknopfe.   ISBN 3 929614 22 7     
Walter Hostert
George Washington Inaugural Buttons  & Medalets, 1789-1793.   J. Harold Cobb; Hamden
CT Comments:  Sc. BCBY free updated version is downloadable from http://moscow2.pld.
Goofies Book I    E. Packard   1951
Goofies Book II   E. Packard   1953
Goofies Book III  E. Packard   1957
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Lamb, Beatrice & Lester Lorah, Helen W. Schuler, Lillian Smith Albert & Jane Ford
Adams. National Button Society, Boyertown    1970
Guides to Button Prices & Detecting Fake or Repro Buttons         Warren Tice                      
Guziki –Polskie guziki wojskowe od XVI do konca XX wieku Wojciech Boczkowsk   
Michael Jaronszynski-WolframKrzasztof Gladki
Przewodnik dla Kolekcjonerow  ISBN 899124850    Sc  www.knopfsammler.de  See also
…(Przewodnik dla Kolekcjonerow), Warszawa   ISBN 899 1999  Wydawnictwo Wolf   e-
mail MiB@wolf.pl BCBY  
Horstmann’s, the Enterprise of Military Equipage   Bruce S. Bazelon   ISBN 1888578041  
Hunting Buttons in Vermont    Minnie Staples Davis
I Bottoni  nell’arte e nella storia  Pietro Coccoluto Ferrigni  Yorick figlio di Yorick    
Identifying Buttons  Alan & Gillian  Meredith & Michael J. Cuddeford;  44pp ill some col.
ISBN 1900571021  
Impressions of a series of animals birds etc. illustrative of British Field Sports from a set
of silver buttons drawn by Abraham Cooper…& engraved by J. Scott   Thomas Godsen    
London       1821
Introduction to Button Collecting    
Knopf Design    Knopf Design    Annette WilzbachDeutcher Fachverlag   1990    Nothing
further known found on a search of the V&A online catalogue.
Knopfe Sammeln ist der Clou   Klaus Buhm  Eigenverlag Schnelldruckerei   1992    Sc:
L’industria del bottone nella storia; moda e costume a Piacenza      Serafino Maggi      
Camera di Commercio, Industria, Artigianato e Agricoltura     1971   Nothing further
known found on a search of the V&A online catalogue.
La Capilla Del Rosario Y Los Botones Del Periodo Republicano     Elpidio Ortega  
Comments:  http://ets.freetranslation.com  gave me:
La Gendarmerie  Besson & Rosiere   
Le Bouton de L Armee Francaise
Maurice Bottet  Paris        
Le Bouton Uniform Francaise.  Louis Fallou.   1915
Editions du Canonnier
Lehrbuch fur die gesamte knopfeindustrieG.A. Leithauser  1934     ScTextbook for the
whole button industry
Le Livre des Collectionneurs  Alphonse Maze-Censier           1885www.livre-rare-book.
commentions:` les boutons d,habit les boites a mouches’ Which could be translated, If
your French is as bad as, mine as: Dress buttons  found in domestic tins’   http://ets.
freetranslation.com gave me: `The dress buttons the can to wipe’
Livery Buttons , The Pitt Collection.    
Little Buttons Ethel B Cassidy          Wellington print      43pp     1943
Local Militia Buttons  
Los Botones de perforacion V en la Peninsula Iberica y las Baleares durante la Edad de
los Metales   Alexandra Uscatescu
Ludenscheid Und De Knopfe  Dr. Walter Hostert    Ludenschied & the Button (A little
culture story of the button)
Mao Zedong Xiang Zhang Shou Cang Tu Jian   1993   
Marked Spanish Colonial Military Buttons of the Gulf Coast, Circa 1793-1821         John T
Powell  Sc:  BCBY
Mathew Boulton   H.W.Dickinson  
Metal Buttons  c900BC –cAD1700 Brian Reed   ISBN 0953245047       Portcullis   2005
Military & Other Buttons from the Berry Head Forts Brixham Devon 1794-1817.   Phillip
Military Button Manufacturers   
Military Buttons of the American Revolution   Don Troiani  
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MacFarlane & Nikki Deal
North Carolina Civil War Buttons    C Terry Teff   1998   Sc. BCBY combined with   www.
Old Buttons & Their Values    Lorraine Olson     Lightner        1940
Painted Porcelain Jewelry &  Buttons  Identification  & Value Guide Dorothy Kamm
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1945    Sc: BCBY      
Pictorial Overall Buttons   Jane Ford Adams & Lillian Smith Albert  NBS    1965
Picture Buttons of the Past    Evelyn Swenson   
Plastic Buttons & How to Identify Them Using All Six Senses   Jocelyn Howells   2001
Police Forces of Great Britain & Ireland-Their Amalgamations & their Buttons     Howard
Police Buttons   Hazell & Co.Howard Ripley & Denis Darmanin    ISBN 0952793814     2000
Political campaign & commemorative buttons    Alphaeus  Homer Albert     
Polskie Guziki Wojskowe 1914-45    Krzysztof Gladki    1983   Ze zbiorow Krzysztofa
Polskie Guziki Wojskowe  w XX wieku    Zbigniew Zajchowski Krzysztof Gladki   Wojciech
Boczkowski   1988   Sc    www.knopfsammler.de
Price Guide to Button Parade   Gertrude D. Adkins   Wallace Homestead book Co   1970
Price Guide to Uniform Buttons of the United States
Prices in the Button Industry     John Curran     Washington Gov. Ptng. Office  1919
Comments: 22pp ill  tables & diag.    
Railway Buttons, Badges & Uniforms.  D.J.Froggatt.  ISBN 0 7110 1649 6    Ian Allen  1986
Available: This book became hard to find almost as soon as it was published
Railway Buttons, Badges & Uniforms    Supplement  1     D.J.Froggatt   1989   Available:
was from author who was a member of BBS.   : fills in some of the gaps of 1st.
publication. poor quality (p/copy.) reproduction of good line drawings but still another
must have if you know about it.
Record of American Uniform & Historical Buttons  1775-1968        Alphaeus Homer  
Albert   Boyertown   448 pp ill.  1969  Bicentennial Edition    O’Donnell Publishing    ISBN
0961358173                 1977    (another source gives c1997)
Comments in addition to above referred dates1973 1976. 1000’s identified by Photo’s &c.
backmarks construction it has it all  frequently  quoted number referencing. Must have!  
Additional LibC. Gives Add. Date 1976
With Supplement   1775-1973   Boyertown   1973     
Return Engagement of Black Glass Buttons    Caroline Smith   1952
Rifle Volunteer Buttons 1859-1908    Howard Ripley & Denis Damanin     MHS ISBN
095106031    1996
Scandinavian Army Buttons      A. Eklof  & B Wahrenberg.www.knopfsammler.de  
Sotto il segno dei bottoni           Michela Manservisi   Nuova Libra   Bologna   1993   No idea
what this is; I found it whilst going through the V&A online catalogue freetranslation gave
me:  Under the mark of the Buttons.    There is no classification as to fiction/non fiction or
other details.
Supplement to The American Historical Buttons     David.Johnson      
Swedish Military Buttons     R. Johansson, P? D?     Comments: illustrated. Swedish text.  
The American Historical Buttons.     Noel D.Justice   1942   
The Big Book of  Buttons .  E.Hughes & M.Lester.  Boyertown    1981  Lib. of Congress Cat.
No. 91-60835.  ISBN 0 9629046-0-0  New Leaf   1991 a new edition is due out ( St. Johann
Press)  in mid July 2007.  
The Button Book   Diana Epstien    ISBN 1561387398    Running Press Books 1996
The Button Collectors History. Grace.Horney Ford    1943  Reported Reprint   New
england   1976
The Button Hand book.     Florence Zacharie Ellis Nicholls. 3 Supplements    BL66/11 & JB
dates   1943 1945  
The Button Industry.     W.UniteJones.      Reprinted:  
The Birmingham Button Industry   Deirdre White    (1977)   described as Academic
Journal offprint from Post-Mediaeval Archaeology 11 13pp 2 figs. 4b/w . card cover.
binding date unknown    Sc.  abe
The Birmingham Button Trade  Deirdre White   Information Sheet,Birmingham Museum &
Art Gallery DLH 1. 1981
The Button Industry in the United States     Edward Louis Newberger   St Johan Press   
ISBN 1878282085       c1991
The Button Lovers Book      Marilyn V. Green   
The Button Sampler.      Lillian Smith Albert & Jane Ford Adams   Barrows & Co.   b/w.
143pp      NY.      1951 Gramercy Pub   1951  Barrows & Co   1961 Reprinted reference to  
The Button String   Thelma Shull  71pp  c1942
The Collector’s Encyclopedia of Buttons .    Sally C. Luscombe       & again in  2003
The Collectors Guide to Buttons  Diana Epstein   
The Colorful World of  Buttons. Vivian Beck Ertell   
The Complete Button Book.  Lillian Smith Albert &  Katherine Kent.   illustrated line
drawings & photo’s. 5200, on 409 pages  USA. Doubleday          1949   Reprint   John
Edwards          c1971
The Collection of Military Buttons   Luis Fenollosa Emilio.   USA.   1911
The Extraordinary Adventures of Benjamin Saunders Button Maker of Bromsgrove     
Alan Richards  
The History of the Dorset Button    Amy Mildred Jackson  1970
The Magic Land of Kate Greenaway.  
The Mill on Mad River    Scovill Manufacturing Co.  Little Brown & Co    1948   Sc: KSKS
lists 1953 date
The Old Button Box.         Sally Luscombe & Ethel  Cassidy     1951     Sc: abe  
The 2006-2011 World Outlook for Manufacturing Fasteners, Buttons, Needles, Pins &
Buckles    Icon International group          2005
More titles available see their website www.icongrouponline.com
The 2006-2011 World Outlook for Metal Buttons & Button Backs, Blanks,Molds, & Other
Parts Excluding Buttons & Button Parts Made of Precious & Semi- Precious Metals &
Precious & Semi-Precious Stones  Prof. Phillip Parker Ph.D.
ISBN several presumably different languages?.  Icon International group         2005     
I have not seen the above. Anyone know of a source other than purchase? There must be
tons of past & present market research material out there.
Through the Button Hole     Harriet Burkheimer               KSKS
Trade Boards acts 1909 & 1918  
Transportation Buttons  Vol I Railroad   Donald P. Van Court    ISBN 0961830107  
Humphrey Press   1987
Transportation Buttons  Vol II  Transit Donald P. Van Court        
Transportation Buttons  Vol III
Maritime & Aviation     Donald P. Van Court     
Uniform Buttons     Enfield Arsenal Manual MK1.  Evelyn  Vickers - Smith.   PP. ?.       
Kitchener House Publishers 1965   
Uniform Buttons  Vol I   David F Johnson  1948www.knopfsammler.de
Uniform Buttons  Vol II   David F Johnson   1948www.knopfsammler.de
Uniform Buttons of the Mounted Police 1874-1980   K.en W. Taylor & Bernard G.  Frye,     
Calgary  K Taylor   23pp ill. 1985
Uniform Buttons of the Republic of Texas      Bob Shelton   1986www.knopfsammler.de
Uniform Buttons of the United States, 1776-1865   Warren Tice    ISBN1577470249   
Thomas       1997  
Uniformsknapper I den Denske Haer 1911-1997    Karsten Skyold Petersen 86bb ill some
col ISBN 8798552163  1998
United States Military  Buttons  of the Land Services 1787-1902  A Guide & classificatory
Von Knopfmachern und Knopfen  300 jahr Knopfherstellung im Kyffhausergebiet  KSKS
Who’s Got the Button?  Old & new angles to Button Collecting   Catherine Roberts   L.L.&
Shepard  ISBN 0688517420        1976   
Washington Historical Buttons   Alphaeus H. Albert      1949    CHK Pol. RECORD
Wedgewood Buttons 1752-1963   Lillian Smith Albert     ND    Sc. Amazon.com
Yesterdays Button Classics  Edwina L. Couse & Marguerite Maple
Your Hot Button     Laura Elizabeth    1990  Sc: KSKS