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    In all honesty the following pages are, mostly, an attempt to
    encourage others to assist with my research into Button
    Manufacturers and Suppliers, (Unifom and Dress),  whose names
    or marks appear on buttons and the other artifacts they left behind
    for us to find.

     I am, forced to admit, ( having spent half mine trying), that what I
    set out to achieve is beyond the scope of one lifetime.  I collect
    vintage, antique & modern buttons from anywhere in the world - as
    long as they are marked, to me a button without a mark is an
    artwork without a signature.

    I hope you will find lots of information on these pages not available
    elsewhere.  For the benefit of those of you who are actively
    contributing there are further resources available in the form of
    password protected files & pages-soon to be available directly
    from this site.

    The records I hold on British company histories are extensive,
    containing information from: The City Directories; Poor Rate Books;
    UK Patent Abridgements; Trade Mark Journals; The London,
    Edinburgh & Belfast Gazettes online, as well as material  from a
    number of archives and their online catalogues covering  the
    period from around 1700 to modern times.   I am always happy to
    answer queries if I am able and that's quite a big if - whether you
    are able to contribute or not !

    I currently, ( November 2011),  manage around  2500 page views
    per month but those numbers  are slightly below  what I was
    achieving in 2007-2008. Hopefully with the re-vamp & fresh content I
    will be able to improve on  those results - and therefore feedback.
    Don't forget if you want to see more of a particular subject you
    need to provide feedback; no feedback no more info...

             Most of the material from the old site has now been transferred,
  and checked but there are still problems so please read the
  issues page.

Please see Issues for further information
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