Smart Engine Marketing strategies; which is Better SEO or PPC?

Smart Engine Marketing strategies; which is Better SEO or PPC?

In the light of the present market competition and structures, every company has to engage in a smart marketing campaign. The two most common approaches are the Search engine optimization (SEO) or the Google’s pay per click, PPC.

To determine which marketing strategy is better than the other, a separate analysis of each technique is a must. The following article is shared with us by the search expert from SEO Marketing Singapore at

The SEO Approach

This strategy, otherwise called the organic or natural ranking approach, involves the use of carefully chosen key phrases on a website to achieve top ranking on search engines. The website owners rely on keywords to drive people to their websites.

The PPC Approach

This is a search engine marketing (SEM) approach that relies on sponsored links to achieve higher rankings. In this the advertising preferences could be;

  • Map adds
  • Shopping ads
  • Banner ads
  • Remarketing to users who previously were your visitors

Major Differences Between PPC and SEO

1. Positioning

In the natural ranking system, the keywords or search results are strategically embedded on the search engine pages; mostly at the beginning, middle and bottom page. PPC listings have specific positioning, not across the pages.

2. Time Is Taken to Achieve Top Ranking

Now the big question? How long does it take for the ranking to kick in? To get high ranking through SEO will take anytime from 6 months to a year or more. But once a website or company achieves the top ranking it stays there for quite a period. Paid per click, however, can drive traffic to a site in days. However, the results also fade when the campaign ceases.

3. The Consumers’ Perception

Higher ranking through search engine optimization happens naturally, hence more trusted by the consumers. The credibility is based on the fact that the search engine marketing (SEM) results are unpaid for. On the other hand, PPC SEM results depend on the number of your bids.

4. SEM Cost

Although both strategies require resources to initiate and run, PPC is more costly since you have to incur both the setup fee and the price for every click.

The Pros and Cons of PPC and SEO

pros and cons of seo and ppc

Pros of organic traffic

  • Contents displayed through organic searches have higher chances of earning more trust from your consumers through the search engine techniques. it is that your ranking positioning is based on the relevancy of the keywords, unlike the sponsored links
  • Although gaining organic visibility is gradual, once earned, you don’t have to pay for every click. In other words, it’s a less costly SEM technique; both to initiate and run.
  • When the cost of the organic campaign stops for some reason, the traffic earlier developed does not cease instantly.
  • The organic visibility scope is much higher. This is because every time you want to look up for something all you have to do is perform a search based on a particular keyword.
  • Once you have invested the patience and resources to earn a higher ranking the natural means, your competitors can’t easily outsmart you, assuming your opponent relies on paid campaign.

Cons of Organic Traffic

Achieving a higher organic ranking doesn’t occur overnight. Once your giant opponent has earned it, you won’t easily outsmart him
Gaining visibility with this approach for a new product is very challenging. Coming up with content which can generate and sustain enough traffic is never an easy task for most website owners.

The Pros of Paid Traffic, PPC

  • It’s a better way of marketing goods than services; it gives you space for virtual display.
  • It’s more specific advertisement. It gives you more control of your location and means of campaign
  • It’s a faster way to earn visibility hence more ideal for a company rolling a new product in the market. In the end, you will also achieve quick results in the public’s opinion about your product and react appropriately
  • It’s ideal for smaller business having their targets on a restrained location. Furthermore, you can plan on how much to spend on your daily advertisements.

The Cons of Paid Traffic, PPC

  • The traffic you drive through PPC directly depends on your continual investment. When you stop the investment, your traffic ceases.
  • Generally, PPC management demands a highly skillful strategist.
  • When you marketing techniques yield more results, they can easily be copied by your competitor.


Both the organic and pay per click traffic are effective. The question on which technique to employ depends on several factors; your targeted customers, the amount of resources you want to use and how quickly you would wish to reap the results.

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